The QualCare Way

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We pride ourselves on compassionate, reliable caregiving.

QualCare Caregivers provides in-home care solutions that assist families, seniors, disabled persons, any those in need of care to live comfortably in their own home.  We do this by providing a combination of companionship, home helper, personal care, and specialized services delivered by caregivers who have a passion for helping others.  

  • Our long term solutions enable clients to live at-home independently and safely for many years longer than they otherwise could on their own.
  • Our interim solutions are developed help those who are recovering from a workplace accident, those who are recovering after returning home from a hospital stay, and seniors and families who need part time assistance.
  • Our short term solutions are for families who are caregivers to their loved ones, or seniors who just need some help for the day.

QualCare Caregivers offers its unique brand of in-home care that is delivered, The QualCare Way: Healthy Living, Education & Safety, and Quality Caregiving.

Health Living

Human companionship, social interaction, engaging in mentally challenging activities, and living in a clean home is vital for us all to keep spirits high, maintain a positive outlook, and enjoy daily living.  Likewise, general hygiene promotes a positive self image, while nutrition and physical exercise contributes to a healthy body.

  • Companionship Care
  • Home Helper Services
  • Personal Care
  • Specialized Care & Services

Education & Safety

In home safety is of paramount importance for client health.  We also train our caregivers for emergencies that may come up over the course of caregiving services. 

  • Home Safety Assessment, Upon Request
  • General Home Safety Checklist
  • Things to watch for with Alzheimers & Demensia
  • List Education and other resources with links

Quality Caregiving

We do more than deliver services that promote healthy living, and education & safety, you have a caregiver that truly cares about your well being and is there for you in your time of need.

  • Always There.  We will be ready to provide in home care services within 24 hours of service
  • Reliable Service.  We have caregiver employees who are on call to ensure you will always have backup; no need to worry about missed appointments
  • State-of-the-Art Scheduling.  We use GPS and time tracking software so that you care rest assured your caregiver is on time and billing is accurate.
  • Interactive Family Portal.  We provide a Family Portal so you can interact online nad review in real time, activities, alerts, and time of care.
  • Compatibility Guarantee.  We guarantee to match you or your loved ones in home care needs and ensure caregiver compatibility.

QualCare Caregivers can provide a variety of in-home solutions for you, your family, or your aging loved ones. We'll assess their needs and create a custom care plan that can change as their needs change.  Clients, family members, and case managers can access the daily routine, client schedule, and other client information through our secure family/client portal.

Senior Care

Care for Disabled

Workforce Injury and Post Hospital Stay Care

Care for Chronically Ill

Alzhiemer & Dementia Care

Parkinson’s Care

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