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In-Home Respite Care

QualCare Caregivers provides support solutions for family caregivers

QualCare Caregivers provide in-home care support solutions that assist family’s in their efforts to take care of their loved ones.  Respite (In-Home) Services means intermittent or regularly scheduled temporary non-medical care (which can be health care financed) and/or supervision provided in the person's home.

In-Home Respite services are support services which typically include:

  • Assisting the family members to enable a person with developmental disabilities to stay at home;
  • Providing appropriate care and supervision to protect that person's safety in the absence of a family member;
  • Relieving family members from the constantly demanding responsibility of providing care; and
  • Attending to basic self-help needs and other activities that would ordinarily be performed by the family member.

QualCare respite care solutions can be provided for as little as a few hours or developed for regular scheduled care while family members are at work, or on vacation. 



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